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#What is this site for?

This website, emoteedits.com, lets you easily turn preexisting images into various styles of animated and static emotes for use on popular platforms such as Twitch, Discord, and Slack, all directly in your web browser. For example, at emoteedits.com/arrive, you can upload your own image (or use the sample image), adjust the settings to your liking, and almost immediately create an animated GIF of your image arriving into the frame, ready to download and use as an emote on your desired platform.

emote transformation demonstration

Basically, emoteedits.com is specialized image editing software focused on making it easy to create popular styles of emotes and emote edits for the average Twitch streamer, Discord server runner, or emote artist who does not want to bother animating things themselves.

Although the site is focused on emotes, images up to 500×500 pixels and 1200 frames can be created, so stickers and other meme-style images can be made as well.

Check out all the emote styles you can make by visiting the homepage!

#But what are emotes?

Emotes, sometimes called custom emoji, are small images that can appear inline with chat text on online platforms like Twitch, Discord, and Slack. Users type them as normal words such as "emoteArrive" or "Kappa" and they appear as images in the chat. They are usually meant to be funny, cute, or expressive of some emotion, hence the name "emote", and are often based on memes from the community they are used in, such as a cartoon mascot or a funny picture of someone's face.

Emotes can be both static (non-animated) images, usually PNGs, or animated images, usually GIFs. The exact image dimensions can depend on the platform, but 128×128 pixels and 112×112 pixels are the most common emote image sizes, though they are normally displayed at or below 32×32 pixels to fit inline with text.

The biggest platforms that support emotes are Twitch, Discord, Slack, and YouTube (though YouTube sadly does not natively support animated emotes). On Twitch especially, emotes are a part of the culture, and many users install third-party browser extensions such as 7TV, BetterTTV (BTTV), or FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) to increase the number of emotes they can see and use.

Emotes or custom emoji are not the same as emoji characters, though they are used in the same way. Emoji like 😂 or 🎉 are text characters just like "A" or "B" that are part of Unicode, the character encoding standard that defines how modern computers handle text. The exact graphic rendered for an emoji not always the same as it depends on the vendor. Emoji are generally not animated and not customizable, and only a handful of new emoji are added every year. Emotes on the other hand are consistent across vendors and fully customizable as they are just normal images, which makes them a great way to add unique flair to online communities.