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Frequently asked questions about emoteedits.com

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This article clears up some likely questions you may have about emoteedits.com.

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#How do I download emotes without the "emoteedits.com" watermark?

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Sign in with a free account and you get one watermark removal per day.

  2. Become a paid subscriber and watermarks are removed entirely (and you get access to more emote makers).

Learn more and sign in or subscribe here.

#How many emotes can I download?

Currently there are no limits on the number of emotes you can download. The only restrictions are whether they are watermarked or whether a user has access to them to begin with.

#Where are the images I upload stored?

The images you upload to emoteedits.com are stored on your computer. In fact they never leave your computer because emoteedits.com runs mostly in your browser.

#Who owns the rights to emotes I create?

In general you do, assuming you owned all the images you used to create the emote. emoteedits.com is simply specialized image editing software, so treat copyright and ownership the same as you would with most other image editing software.

#Can I use the yellow cat character?

The yellow "sample cat" character, seen in the site logo and in sample inputs and outputs of emote templates, is the mascot of emoteedits.com. He's just an example of what input images to give and what outputs you can get, and is not intended to be used as part of your own emotes or branding. The idea is you upload your own images to create your emotes.

But, if you just want to use the sample emotes, they are available on the Discord server and as an emote set on 7TV!

#What file formats are supported?

Valid input image file formats include: PNG, GIF, JPG, BMP, and SVG.

Emote outputs can currently be GIF (animated) or PNG (static).

(Supporting more input and output file formats, especially animated formats like AVIF, WEBP, and APNG, is planned.)

#How big can emotes and images be?

Currently, emotes can be up to 500 pixels wide by 500 pixels tall, and up to 1200 frames for animated emotes. These restrictions are mainly kept as technical limitations so emoteedits.com runs well on all devices.

There are no limits on the dimensions or number of frames or file sizes of input images, though larger images can naturally take longer to process.

#Is AI used?

Nope. AI (artificial intelligence) is not used. The emotes at emoteedits.com are generated frame-by-frame with specialized, manually-coded scripts for every emote style.

#Are emotes NFTs?

Nope. The emotes generated by emoteedits.com are just normal image files in common, sharable file formats like GIF and PNG. They are not NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

#I have an emote suggestion. Where can I give it?

You can suggest new emote templates and other features on the Discord server or by tweeting @emoteedits on Twitter.

You can also fill out the emoteedits.com feedback form to suggest things anonymously.

#How can I contact emoteedits.com?

Head to the contact page.

#Can I log in without using Google?

Sorry, but currently using a Google account is the only way to log in. More ways to create accounts and log in are planned but not a priority right now.

#How can I delete my account?

Head to emoteedits.com/my-account and log in. Near the bottom there is a section for account deletion. In the textbox, enter the same email address you logged in with (or enter "delete account") to confirm deletion, then hit the "Delete Account" button.

Please note that account deletion is immediate and irreversible, not even by an admin! Though you can create a new account again with the same email address. Deleting your account will automatically cancel your paid subscription if you have one.

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